Training Programs

Webinars, Self-Paced, Guided, Customizable and Personalized Executive Education Workshops

Training services include: webinars, guided online courses, self-paced on demand courses and workshops. Webinars: 1 hour live sessions with Q&A. Self-Paced on Demand: Self paced courses including written material, resources and slides. Guided Online Courses: 2 week session including peer to peer interactions, written material resources and slides provided, one on one session with instructor. Workshops: Customizable online courses for Organizations and Executive Education programs.
Training Programs by Engaged Thinking

Consulting Services

Leadership Development, Empowering Women, Engaging your Employees and Consumers, Designing for Engagement, Purpose Driven Innovation

Our consulting services include client specific workshop development and product design strategies based on the engaged thinking principles. Clients include the private sector, NGOs, and/or public agencies interested in better understanding theories of engagement., human capital development, and purpose-driven innovation.