Human Centered Innovation

Engaging Employees, Partners and Consumers for Human Centered Innovation

  • Understanding Engaged Thinking and its Application across the Innovation Value Chain.
  • Designing Effective Engagement Strategies. Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Progressing From Systems Thinking to Engaged Thinking.
  • Leading the Human Centered Organization.
    Creating and Supporting the Learning Organization.
  • Enabling Knowledge Sharing and Creating Value through Knowledge Transactions.
  • Understanding the Consumer Engagement Continuum.
  • Designing Products and Services for the Whole Consumer.
  • Designing for Impact and Sustainability.
  • Leveraging the Engaged Thinking Canvas to Map your Organizational Engagement Strategy.Creating your Organization's Engaged Thinking Canvas

Empowering the Woman Innovate-Her and Woman in Leadership

Exceptional Women Driven by Purpose

  • Engaged Thinking for Women in Innovation and Leadership,
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
  • Leaning into your Story to do Good as a Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneur.
  • Leveraging Your Natural Skills and Experiences to build the Human Centered Organization.
  • Leading the Human Centered Organization.
  • Defining the Larger Purpose of your Organization.
  • Leveraging Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals to Drive Purposeful Innovation.
  • Women and Moral Leadership.
  • Engaging the Whole Employee.
  • Designing a Meaningful Employee Experience.
  • Visualizing your Whole Self to Understand and Design for the Whole Consumer.
  • Driving Product/Service Adoption through Consumer Engagement.
  • Differentiating your Organization's Brand by Connecting to your Personal Story and Larger Purpose.

Designing and Innovating for Sustainability

Engaging Employees, Consumers and Partners to Drive Sustainable Innovation

  • Mapping the Larger Purpose of your Organization. 
  • Embedding Sustainability and the Sustainability Development Goals across your Organization's Value Chain.
  • Wellness for your Employees: Building the Sustainable Living Mindset.
  • Designing and Innovating for Sustainability.
  • Engaging your Consumers on Sustainability.