Engaging Employees, Partners and Consumers in the Human Centered Organization

Course 1: Understanding Engaged Thinking and its Application 
Assessing what Engaged Thinking means for your organization.
Course 2: Progressing from Systems Thinking to Engaged Thinking
Understanding the connections between people and organizational activities.
Course 3: Leveraging Open Innovation and Designing for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement 
Engaging stakeholders across the value chain.
Course 4: Leading the Human Centered Organization 
Becoming a human centered leader focused on empowering people.
Course 5: Building a Culture of Learning and Engaging Employees across the Innovation Value Chain
Enabling learning and whole employee development. Building an inclusive and engaging culture.
Course 6: Enabling Knowledge Sharing and Creating Value through Knowledge Transactions 
Enabling the generation and sharing of knowledge within the organization.
Course 7: Designing Products and Services for the Whole Consumer and Behavior Change 
Designing to enhance the quality of life for your whole consumer. Designing for behavior change. 
Course 8: Designing for Sustainability and Impact 
Engaging in sustainable and purpose driven innovation.

Leveraging the Engaged Thinking Canvas to Map your Organizational Engagement Strategy.Creating your Organization's Engaged Thinking Canvas


Exceptional Women Driven by Purpose

12 week fellowship for women supporting personal and professional development for the whole woman. Empowering women into innovation, change-making, sustainability. Modules include: 

The Science of Purpose
Soft Skill Development
Engagement as a Whole Woman
Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment
Knowledge as Power: Overcoming Bias and Imposter Syndrome
Striving for Equality as a Woman: Empowerment Circles for HER
The Confident Speak-HER
Innovate-HERS for Good
Impact Driven Venture-HERS
Women as Agents of Sustainability
Health and Well-Being: The Self-Compassionate Woman
Leaning into Change-Making
Connecting to Mentorship

Purpose-Driven Innovation

Engaging Employees, Consumers and Partners to Drive Sustainable Innovation

Course 1: The Science of Purpose, for Leaders and their Organization. 
Connecting with Personal Purpose. Engaging Employees through Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. Embedding Sustainability and the Sustainability Development Goals across your Organization's Value Chain. 

Course 2: Business Model Innovation. 
Purpose, People, Planet, Prosperity.  Building a Culture of Innovation. Value Chain Re-Design for Inclusiveness and Sustainability. Systems Thinking and Designing for the Environment. Building your Sustainable Business Model Innovation Map.

Course 3: Sustainability-Engaging Employees from Mindset to Innovation Personalizing Sustainability. 
Engaging Employees from Greening the Workplace through to Green Innovation.

Course 4: Designing and Innovating for Sustainability
Engaging your Consumers on Sustainability.