Human Centered Innovation

Engaging Employees, Partners and Consumers for Human Centered Innovation

Understanding Engaged Thinking and its Application across the Innovation Value Chain. 
Designing Effective Engagement Strategies
Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement. 
Progressing From Systems Thinking to Engaged Thinking. 
Leading the Human Centered Organization
Creating and Supporting the Learning Organization
Enabling Knowledge Sharing and Creating Value through Knowledge Transactions
Understanding the Consumer Engagement Continuum. 
Designing Products and Services for the Whole Consumer
Designing for Impact and Sustainability
Leveraging the Engaged Thinking Canvas to Map your Organizational Engagement Strategy.Creating your Organization's Engaged Thinking Canvas

Empowering the Woman Innovate-Her and Woman in Leadership

Exceptional Women Driven by Purpose

Engaged Thinking for Women in Innovation and Leadership,
Entrepreneurship and Leadership.
Leaning into your Story to do Good as a Leader, Innovator, Entrepreneur.
Leveraging Your Natural Skills and Experiences to build the Human Centered Organization.
Leading the Human Centered Organization.
Defining the Larger Purpose of your Organization.
Leveraging Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals to Drive Purposeful Innovation.
Women and Moral Leadership.
Engaging the Whole Employee.
Designing a Meaningful Employee Experience.
Visualizing your Whole Self to Understand and Design for the Whole Consumer.
Driving Product/Service Adoption through Consumer Engagement.
Differentiating your Organization's Brand by Connecting to your Personal Story and Larger Purpose.

Designing and Innovating for Sustainability

Engaging Employees, Consumers and Partners to Drive Sustainable Innovation

Mapping the Larger Purpose of your Organization. 
Embedding Sustainability and the Sustainability Development Goals across your Organization's Value Chain. 
Wellness for your Employees: Building the Sustainable Living Mindset
Designing and Innovating for Sustainability
Engaging your Consumers on Sustainability.