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Engaged Thinking offers a human centered organizational framework with the objective: to engage intellectual capital assets across the full spectrum of innovation. The goals of engaged thinking are dual: the empowerment of employees in innovation activities and whole life engagement of consumers as organizations design and deliver relevant innovations.

  • We can help your organization and/or institution to train and develop its leaders and employees on the various elements of the Engaged Thinking Paradigm
  • Learn how to better engage consumers and employees.
  • Learn how to organize your processes to leverage the knowledge and learning that resides within your organization.
  • Understand our engaged thinking framework.
  • Consider how the various elements of your organization interact with one another.
  • Assess which stakeholders to engage and what models of open innovation will work best.
  • Leadership development for effective engagement of your intellectual capital assets.
  • Design your engagement continuum and touchpoints.
  • Design programs for meaningful engagement of stakeholders.
  • Map out your knowledge transactions and design processes for the learning organization.
  • Design products and services for engagement, impact and desired behaviour change.