The Engaged Thinking Journey

Engaged thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. Its objective is to generate value by holistically engaging people-namely employees, consumers, and communities, from the design to launch of products and services.  Expanding beyond the boundaries of the organization, Engaged Thinking seeks to connect to and engage global stakeholders and communities for human centered innovation. The focus of Engaged Thinking is on leveraging the intellectual capital assets of the organization including: structural capital, human capital, and consumer capital. The journey can be mapped as follows. 

Designing the Human Centered Organization 

Understanding how Engaged Thinking can be embedded within the organization
 Assessing the knowledge assets within and outside the organization. 
 Designing for meaning stakeholder engagement


Leading the Human Centered Organization

Developing an appreciative and empathetic style of leadership.
Creating meaningful employee experiences based on the whole employee.
Building the learning organization
Valuing and sharing knowledge. 

Driving Human Centered Innovation

Designing the engagement continuum to effectively engage consumers. 
Designing for the whole consumer and designing for behavior change.
Embedding purpose driven innovation within the organization.

The Engaged Thinking Associates: The Academy and Consultancy

  • Engaged Thinking Associates is a training and consulting organization focused on the engagement of intellectual capital--employees, consumers, partners and organizational (knowledge management and learning) systems.

  • We have developed the Engaged Thinking framework based on years of research and experience with our partners to enable organizations to holistically consider the needs of employees, partners and customers across the innovation and product value chains.

  • Engaged Thinking has as its objectives, purposeful and sustainable innovation that enhances the quality of life for consumers and global communities.

  • Dr. Minna Allarakhia is the founder of Engaged Thinking Associates. She is faculty at the University of Waterloo, Management Sciences Department. Dr. Allarakhia's 20 years of professional experiences encompass open innovation strategy development, knowledge management, designing for the whole consumer, sustainability management and social innovation with focus on the base of the pyramid. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University.