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Authenticity and our Well-Being

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Courage to be Your Authentic Self and Find your Voice

    • Being your Authentic Self

    • Listening to our Internal Voices

    • Exercise: Which Voices are Loudest

    • Authenticity and our Well-Being

    • Creating Good Connections through Authenticity

    • Exercise: Trusting People and Feeling Authentic

    • The Need for Authenticity and Engagement at Work

    • Reconnecting with our Authentic Self

    • Exercise: Observing yourself Objectively

    • If I Were Not Afraid, What Would I Say?

    • Exercise: The Courage to Speak Up and Ask for What You Want

    • Leaning into My Uniqueness

    • Owning my Strengths

    • Exercise: Creating Your Strengths List

    • Traits of the Authentic Person

    • Rising into New Roles: Becoming the Authentic Leader

    • Exercise: Pushing the Boundaries of Life and Rising into Leadership

    • On the Road to Authenticity: Practice Makes Perfect

    • Future Exercises: Small Steps and Making Progress

    • How do you feel about being your authentic self now having completed this mini-course?